Ignacio Cordoba

is a Copenhagen-based spanish musician whose sounds move smoothly from free improvisation or the first electronic traditions ala BBC Radiophonic Workshop or Elianne Radigue, to current trends like The Caretaker, Oren Ambarchi or William Basinski. Ignacio devotes himself to "La Caja" (The Box) to play with time like memory does: stretching, slowing and speeding sound, making it appear and disappear a bit different every time. Distant and hypnotic like a black hole, he uses it to get us to underwater sounds, bubbly atmospheres and melancholic mermaid calls through emotional and trance-inducing tunes.

Anders Skibsted
is a Copenhagen-based danish composer, musician and technologist. His work ranges from contemporary ensemble music to tango music of the 21st century to commanding computers and devices to make music for him. He plays the bandoneon and leads the ensemble erhværv, wrestles with different formats of ensembles making music, and coding and programming away to make machines make music.